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MasterCard And Zwipe Announce The Launch Of The World’s First Biometric Contactless Payment Card With Integrated Fingerprint Sensor | Global Hub

*BANG* Some well paid people don’t understand that fingerprints are not a secure authentication token. They can’t be changed easily, you leave them everywhere and they can be easily reproduced. OMG…

UK government sends 40,000 texts to semi-random foreigners (and some Brits): "You are required to leave the UK!" [2013]



Britain continues its slide into official xenophobia: a government contractor sent nearly 40,000 texts reading “Message from the UK Border Agency. You are required to leave the UK as you no longer have right to remain.” At least 400 of these reportedly went to people who had the right to be…


There is a place in the German Bundestag called “Geheimschutzstelle”. It’s where parliamentarians can see top secret documents (but only if they were approved by an extended security screening). 

The oppositional left party (Die Linke) lately asked the government how German law enforcement and intelligence agencies deal with encryption. The answers are shocking: The German government even denies selected parliamentarians to have a look at those documents. Quote: “Those documents are too sensitive to be deployed within the ‘Geheimschutzstelle’ “

That’s how checks and balances work in a democracy…

German NSA Inquiry: MP under investigation of leaking top secret informations to the public

Christian Flisek, member of the parliamantary NSA inquiry, is under criminal investigation for leaking top secret informations. In an interview he revealed that not BND stopped “Operation Eikonal”, but the NSA. After filtering by BND, the forwarded surveillance data were not substantial enough to them anymore, according to top secret documents submitted to the NSA commitee by the German government.

Because these documents are classified at the highest level, Mr. Flisek wasn’t allowed to reveal this to the public. He is now under investigation by the federal police.

This is one more piece to prove that the NSA wants it allThey are not satisfied with “filtered” data!


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