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Würzburg Riese (FuMG 65) - German Radar

Other than mentioned in videos by allies, German forces knew of radar and used it themself. Radar wasn’t only an UKUSA invention. German and allied fighters/bombers even had friend-foe-detection systems (FuG 25a). As many things like computers and jet engines, these inventions were made in parallel by many people around the world at roughly the same time.

Models of Concorde, Horten Ho 229 and Messerschmitt Me 262 flown.

Don’t mind the narrator, he is annoying sometimes.

Jet-propulsion models are great! They prove the capabilities of originals. 

CGI Animation of the Horton H.IX (Ho-229) Jet-Fighter

This Fighter only reached testing stages - with three prototypes built, two of them test-flown. The nearly finished third prototype was captured by US forces in August of 1945.

Horten H.XVIII (Ho-18) “America Bomber”

This Bomber was only in planning stages at the end of WW2. I’m glad that it wasn’t built! If this thing had been flown with an atomic bomb, the effects would have been devastating. I don’t doubt that the Nazis would have used a nuclear weapon on New York or Washington… they were crazy!

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