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I like how a 24 core Opteron with 64 GB is “old” :) Speaking of power, a shame Prox doesn’t have power consumption in the UI

Yeah, we’re living in a throw-it-away society… just because something is “old” (in this case about 4 years), doesn’t mean to throw it away.

The backstory is that we tried to sell the machine for a minimum of 2000€, but without any warranty or valid support contract no one had any interest. So we decided to use this thing for ourselfs. 

As for the power consumption display in Proxmox: This isn’t a problem, as all Perl sources are available (by a fair license) and  they’re using standard RRD-files. It won’t be a problem to integrate that feature.

After 3 Weeks of testing, ProxmoxVE is finally running on a production server. It’s an “old” Dell PowerEdge R715 (2x12 core, 64GB RAM), which a friend of mine got cheap from his employer. A very nice machine :)

As soon as it is installed at a Colocation-Provider, I’ll buy the Community-Subscription of Proxmox (about 10€ per month) to support further development. I’m very confident with the features, user interface and their free support-wiki. 

Using only one of the two redundant power supplies, power consumption is within acceptable limits (below 150 Watts). As soon as you plug in the second PSU, the consumption doubles according to IPMI/iDRAC - I don’t know why, because by physical laws both PSUs must share the consumption equally (plus a little power dissipation)… 

Both PSUs are 1100 Watt units - because of redundancy a single one is capable to supply enough power. As power consumption is critical (it’s the most expensive part of colocation), I’ll go with one PSU at the moment.

After Munich 1972 - which hit german police forces completely unprepared - they established GSG9. Chancellor Helmut Schmidt was in charge  at the time, he was a cool, feets on the bottom, rational type.  

Might be a comic (I don’t like that), but it tells the right story. 

A flag with a $-sign: they rule the world and they’re preparing for riots. That’s why police forces get militarized. 

Genesis - Land of Confusion

Great puppets of Spitting Image… and some decent lyrics

There’s too many people making too many problems - can’t you see this is the land of confusion

Remember Ronald Reagan and Margret Thatcher?

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