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Very cool picture. It seems the german policemen are very relaxed and even talking to the protesters, although there were about 400 people. 

While I had only good experiences with german police, I know of several occasions of violence against protesters. I have to say that I respect policemen in general - they represent state authority -  but they have to act accordingly, they are “role models”. If they don’t, I won’t approach them with respect anymore. This picture would make a good advertising for german police. A common saying in my youth was: “Police, your friend and aide” - I’d like them to act by this saying. We need them, without them we would live in anarchy. I know all that, but I won’t stop to criticize police violence and abuse of power.

The problem is: Only bad news are good news. If police is friendly and relaxed, it isn’t worth reporting by media outlets - violence sells! You won’t find pictures like this in any newspaper…

Another problem: “esprit de corps” - If a policeman opposes the rest of his colleagues, he will be mobbed. There are several reports about this and I believe it the core problem for police violence.

Oh and for non-germans: Do you notice the convergence of german police with american police? They looked like this previously:

Also their cars had other colors:

In my very subjective opinion they look a lot more “martial” today… 

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